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Interview with George Washington


Join the Bobblehead George crew at Mount Vernon for an in depth question and answer session with George Washington, Commander of the Continental Army and first President of the United States.  Our "once in a life-time" interview with General Washington includes the answers to the following questions:

Where did you receive your education and military training?

Are there any military mistakes that you have made? How did you learn from those mistakes?

What do you consider to be your greatest victory on the battlefield?

What other officers were important in making the victory in the Revolutionary War possible?

Why did you decide to step down after two terms as President?

Is there anybody who wasn't in your Cabinet that you would have liked to have had in it?

What do you believe to be your greatest challenge as a leader?

How and when did your views on slavery evolve?

What was your wedding day like?

Did you really cut down a cherry tree?

What is it like living with false teeth?

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