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The Enslaved Community at George Washington's Mount Vernon


The Bobblehead George crew honor the extraordinary lives of the men, women, and children who made up the enslaved community at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington. It was also home to hundreds of enslaved men, women, and children who lived here under Washington’s control. He depended on their labor to build and maintain his household and plantation. They, in turn, found ways to survive in a world that denied their freedom.

In this Lesson On The Road you will learn about:

Piecing the together the story of the enslaved community at Mount Vernon.

The lives of FOUR specific individuals who were enslaved at Mount Vernon:  Hercules, Tom, Doll, and Sambo.

The structures in which the enslaved community lived, the rations that they ate, and the clothes that they wore.

Their burial yard and memorials dedicated to them.

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