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The Enlightenment - James Madison's Montpelier


The Enlightenment, often known as the Age of Reason, is defined as a period of rigorous scientific, political, and philosophical advancement. There is no doubt, that the Enlightenment impacted and influenced America's Founding Fathers...including James Madison, the architect and Father of the Constitution. Join the Bobblehead George crew at James Madison's Montpelier for a look at this amazing and important era in human history. In this video, the crew shines a spotlight on Mr. Graham's scientific expertise as he explains how an 18th century static electricity generator (on display in the parlor in James Madison's Montpelier) worked.

In this Lesson on the Road you will see and learn about:

James Madison and the Enlightenment

What was the Enlightenment?

An 18th century static electricity generator

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