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The Enslaved Community at James Madison's Montpelier

James Madison's Montpelier Plantation was the home to as many as six generations of African Americans -- over 300 individuals -- held as property by the Madison family. These people labored every single day to create and sustain the wealth and privilege enjoyed by the Madison's. Each enslaved person at Montpelier was a unique human being with his or her own talents, flaws, hopes, and fears. Join the Bobblehead George crew as we honor the lives and legacies of the generations of enslaved workers who lived and labored at Montpelier.

In this Lesson on the Road you will see and learn about:

working from "can see to can't see"

personal items belonging to the enslaved workers at Montpelier

individual people with their own personalities

Montpelier's enslaved brick makers

the structures that housed Montpelier's enslaved community

Montpelier's largest community... enslaved African Americans

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