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James Buchanan's Wheatland


Join the Bobblehead George crew for a behind the scenes look at Wheatland, the Lancaster County home of POTUS #15, James Buchanan! James Buchanan had a lot of nicknames: "10-Cent Jimmy," "Old Buck," and "Old Public Functionary." Most historians, however, just call him the worst. He may be considered 'the worst" but he had an amazing house!

In this Lesson on the Road you will see and learn about:

Wheatland's Main Hall

James Buchanan's Dining Room

James Buchanan's Presidential China

James Buchanan's parlor

Entertaining with a stereoscope

Harriet Lane

James Buchanan's resume

The India Desk

James Buchanan's bed chamber

James Buchanan's commode chair

Wheatland's eight-hole external outhouse

Buchanan's death bed

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