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Burning of the Wrightsville Bridge


The burning of the Wrightsville Bridge over the Susquehanna River on June 28, 1863, counts as one of the most iconic moments of the Gettysburg Campaign.  In this Lesson on the Road, the Bobblehead George crew teams up with Garry Adelman and Kristopher White from American Battlefield Trust for a look at the burning of the Wrightsville Bridge just days prior to the Battle of Gettysburg!


This Lesson on the Road will focus on:

The need for a bridge across the Susquehanna River in the 19th century

the first bridge to span the Susquehanna River between Wrightsville and Columbia

the Second, Third, and Fourth bridges to connect Columbia and Wrightsville  


The burning of the Wrightsville Bridge on June 28, 1863

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